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with strawberry flavour with cocoa-milk coating

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Marshmallow cake with strawberry flavour with cocoa-milk coating
Ingredients: Strawberry flavoured marshmallow creme 43,4% (sugar, glucose syrup, bovine gelatin, milk protein, acid: citric, colourant: carmine, flavourings: strawberry, vanilla), cocoa-milk coating 33,3% (sugar, partly hydrogenated vegetable oil (palm and sunflower), cocoa mass 11,5%, dry whey powder 4,8%, cocoa powder 1,6%, whole milk powder 1,6%, emulsifier: soy-bean lecithin, flavouring: vanilla), wheat flour, sugar, vegetable palm oil, cocoa powder, dry whey powder, invert syrup, raising agent: ammonium bicarbonate, emulsifier: Е471, acid: citric, table salt.