We have Created the Beliva Spreads with the idea to produce a cream that you wouldn’t be able to resist.

We began production with three creams and gradually increased the number of flavours to today offer seven different 350 g savory spreads to relish in.

The Beliva spreads we made from hazelnuts, milk, cocoa, coconut, tahini and peanut, each with a unique twist to captivate the senses.
Under the brand Beliva you will find an abundance of tastes that will astonish you. The fine, firm taste will leave you wanting for more and more.

To reach you, our products have gone through:

  • A traditional process of milling the natural ingredients into a fine cream product.
  • Starting with the highest quality ingredients from proven suppliers and manufacturers.
  • Add clean refined sugar where needed.
  • Dose the cream into 350g jars.
  • And that is it. With no hidden ingredients and without secret recipes, only through simplicity and careful selection we have achieved a perfect blend of taste and versatile, healthy products.

Product range:


Peanut Beliva Spread with peanut with its extremely rich peanut concentration – 86%, creates a firm feeling of bliss that makes it easy to remember the unique taste.
The peanuts came in the spotlight of world food production when people stated discovering their antioxidant qualities. Furthermore peanuts help reduce body fats as they contain a lot of protein.


ZIV Ltd created Beliva Spreads with Halva to be enjoyed by the fans of the oriental sweets in a new form with the traditional taste. Sunflower Tahini is 62,3% of the ingredients and is combined with cocoa for a fine, firm taste. Tahini is a very mineral rich addition to the daily eating plate, you can enjoy the amazing taste further with the knowledge of the mineral benefits.


By introducing a Cocoa Spread with a 14% Hazelnut content, we are becoming the market leaders by lowest price and best ingredients, which contribute to a charmingly strong hazelnut flavour. Our hazelnuts are selected for quality and taste, and baked before use.
Hazelnuts, when consumed, reduce cholesterol and the high concentration of magnesium helps prevent diabetes. Hazelnuts strengthen the metabolism and stimulate the body.


Made from our biscuits with milk and butter, the Biscuits Beliva Spread is an unforgettable experience of an unique idea. Its taste matches our top selling biscuits and is suitable for every plate.


The Double Milk Beliva Spread, ZIV Ltd. has achieved through sheer effort of experimentation to match the right proportions of cocoa, milk powder and sugar for an unique flavour designed for you. Of course it is also the perfect match for a few pancakes or waffles to enjoy a Sunday morning breakfast with.


Need a tropical escape from the gray and dull everyday life? Enjoy a trip to the Bahamas in a jar with Beliva Spread with Coconut. High content of natural coconut lets coconut lovers experience the taste in full even without supplement food. The tropical taste won’t leave you wanting.


Instead of sugar in the Sugar Free Beliva Spread we use maltitol, its derived from grain starch and has 70% of sugar’s calories. Its low glycemic index makes it suitable for consumption by people with diabetes.

Our Products are:

  • Without preservatives, clean ingredients and production technology allow the product to remain preserved and without changes in flavour and texture for 9 months. A clean product is far more important to us than a longer expiration time.
  • Without colourants, each ingredient paints the product with its own colour, and that is how we like it – completely natural.
  • Without artificial sweeteners – No artificial taste to any of the Beliva spreads guarantees you get 100% out of the specially selected ingredients.

What is important to know about our products?

  • We use only high quality natural ingredients.
  • No secret recipes or hidden ingredients, as the whole process boils down to milling the ingredients into a homogenous mixture.
  • All of ZIV Ltd.’s products have proven their quality over the years.