Our Products



For Any Taste & Any Time

People have different taste preferences. To satisfy to the max all the customers' tastes, we offer a big variety of tempting biscuits, wafer specialities, sponge cakes, tender chocolates, salty snacks and many more sweet and savory treats. Enjoy!

  • Biscuits

    There is no other manufacturer in Bulgaria that can offer such a wide variety of biscuits. We produce extruded, laminated and rotary molded biscuits; with fruit or cream filling; with nuts or coconut; with coating or without; glued with one, with two creams or with cream and fruit jelly; with or without sugar. Everyone could choose their favorite Sweet Plus + biscuit.

  • Wafers

    Wafers are the other product group where we offer a huge assortment to our customers. Our portfolio extends from mini wafers, classic wafers, MAX wafers, wafer cakes, wafer desserts to wafer rolls; coated or not; crispy or soft wafers; with coconut, hazelnuts or peanuts; with tahini, cocoa, hazelnut, peanut, milk, strawberry cream ... we can not list the whole variety of flavors, which we offer to all the wafer lovers.

  • Chocolates

    We created our own blend of chocolate, made with a lot of attention and love and with all natural ingredients. In our chocolate products you will not find preservatives, palm oil or hydrogenated fats. Milk or dark chocolate, on a block or bonbonniere, for every taste there is a variation.

  • Cremes

    For those who do not like Ice Cream, we've created nIce Cream. We offer not an Ice Cream, but a nIce Cream - a cream in a wafer cone that you can lick in a very cute way. The choice is between cocoa and milk flavor. And if you prefer a cream smeared on a sliced bread or a biscuit, try our hazelnut cream in a box.

  • Candies

    Do you know what “HerBonning” is? This is when you want to feel the taste of something fresh and you are taking our Herbal Candies. Our hard candies are divided in two types - with herbal extracts and fruit flavors.

  • Snacks

    Although we have been trying for 25 years to make life sweeter, it turns out that there is always a salty side of it. That is why we also produce salty biscuits and snacks with brand SaLza. We also produce Bredo snacks in four different flavors, besides the salty biscuits and Grissini. Our newest product is Bredo - THE ONLY bread snack on the market with EINKORN, supplemented with pumpkin, sunflower and poppy seeds and with PIECES of dried TOMATOES and olives that bring the scent of Mediterranean romance.

  • Special

    In our "Special" series we have selected products that meet the specific diets of certain groups of our consumers. These are babies and young children, people who eat foods without added sugar or those who eat foods high in protein.