In a world in which a rapidly changing situation affects every aspect of our lives, it is important that each individual and organization take their responsibility for the protection of the environment.

What measures do we take to limit the negative effects of pollution?

We use packaging from recycled materials. All packaging elements of a product are from recyclable materials and the cartons we use are recycled as well.

PALM FREE products

Did you know that you can enjoy the Sweet Plus product range without added palm oil? Not only does this give you the chance to enjoy the same sweet products without worrying about the presence of hydrogenated palm oil. At the same time, you are helping to protect the home of many species that is dangerously destroyed annually. So, if you are enchanted to save orangutans, we are already your ally in doing so!

RSPO Certification

In support of preserving the home of orangutans, our company has completed its RSPO certification. What is this certification and what do our efforts mean in this direction?
Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) is an organization that seeks to find ways to provide palm oil from sustainable sources to the different industries. RSPO brings together various interested countries from the palm oil industry and has a network of 2500 members from countries producing or using palm oil. These are companies that supply palm oil and they have made the committment to produce, extract and/or use sustainable palm oil certified by RSPO.

This means that by buying products certified by RSPO, you make sure that the used in the ingredients palm oil is obtained from sources that do not endanger the habitat of many animal species.

Check our progress at RSPO.


In recent years, consumers have become more and more involved in the food they consume. They want to know that it is produced in a responsible way that does not harm the environment and does not exploit the employees. Standards for responsible production and supply of coffee, cocoa and tea are included in the
UTZ Certified program.

UTZ Certified supports the sustainable farming and better opportunities for farmers and the environment.

What can you do in order to be responsible for your surrounding environment?

The least each one of us can do is to throw away the waste separately. In recent years, the efficiency of waste collection has been increasing and we can rely on the companies that the waste of your favorite products and their packaging will reach its purpose. With little effort, we can help for the second life of the products you buy.

Collect the packagings separately!