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Our company has a history of 25 years. For this quarter of a century we've lived through many moments - joyous with success, worrying with economic quakes, happy with our clients' good words... For these 25 years life of many people have intertwined with our history, as second generation in many families work in the company. 25 years is a serious age, behind which is a long history.

In the beginning was the trade with confectionery products. In 1994, the company “Semela – Veselin Dimitrov” ЕТ is established – a small company, established for trading food products, mainly biscuits, wafers and croissants. Then nobody in the company, even in their wildest dreams had not imagined that over the years it will evolve to the holding company “Semela Invest” AD, in which the main place occupies the present-day production company “ZIV” EOOD, which is fully oriented in the production and trade of food. “ZIV” EOOD reaches fourth in the Top 25 of confectionery manufacturers in Bulgaria and is the second largest exporter in the business.

This is the year when it is decided to expand the company’s activity by organizing its own production. The production company “Zaharni Izdelia – Varna” OOD was established and the first production facility in Balchik was purchased. It was small premises where the production of the very first products started – cake bars Diana and coated biscuits Negrita. The production is small in volume and hand-made but made with a lot of love.

In 2002, the trademark “Sweet Plus +” was born, becoming the global brand of the company. After several changes on its appearance, the brand’s current look was born in 2006. Products with the brand “Sweet Plus +” are sold in almost the whole world. Today “Sweet Plus +” is a guarantee for an excellent product with constant quality.

Starts the construction of a new production facility in Balchik. The small production hall today has grown into a production facility of 28,000 m2 , where 14 halls with automated production lines for biscuits, wafers, cake bars and sticks, warehouses and an administrative building are situated. Increasing production capacities and implementing new production lines is one of the leading principles in our work.

“We produce quality” – is one of the main leitmotifs in our work. Ensuring the safety of our products is of utmost importance to us, and this is achieved by foreseeing and preventing the dangers in the raw materials processing and production rather than relying on final product inspection and testing. Certification is the guarantee for our customers that we have gone the whole way to safe manufacturing processes and have reached a level of safe production.
In 2011, the company successfully went through the certification process on:
ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management Systems Requirements)
ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems, September 2005
International Food Standard (IFS), Version 5, August 2007
International Food Standard (IFS), Version 6, January 2012
Global Standard for Food Safety, Issue 6: July 2011

With the expansion of the markets and increased consumption of our products, the need for expanding production capacities becomes urgent. In 2012 was purchased the second production facility, located in Veliko Tarnovo. The factory is specialized in the production of wafers and wafer products, but after expansion and further development, we started to make caramel candy. Today the factory has an area of 34,000 m2 of land and 7,000 m2 are with 6 automated production lines.

In 2013 we began the production of drinks with pieces of fruits and herbal teas, made entirely with fruits and herbs from Bulgarian producers. We started with three types of drinks with fruits, gradually expanding our range and continuing to look for and closing in a bottle the new gifts of nature. Although it is new as a product, “otMazzetto” fruit drinks are becoming sought-after because they are true energy from the nature and produced without any preservatives and additives, no coloring and no artificial sweeteners.

Our first business shop opens its doors – it is heaven for all the sweet lovers, as our customers call it! In it, lovers of sweet temptations find both our standard packaged products and a wide selection of different products in different variations. Currently, the store has grown into chain stores throughout the country. You can find them in Varna, Sofia, Balchik, Pazardjik, Stara Zagora, Shumen and Graf Ignatievo.

This is the year of the first production in our new production facility in Varna – the youngest but quickly gaining experience. The factory is specialized in the production of salty snacks and bakery products. Here are produced products with the brand “SaLza”.

Today, we can boast that:
– In Bulgaria, we are the largest manufacturing company in the business, which is with Bulgarian owners and its own capital;
– There is no store in Bulgaria where there is not at least one of our products;
– Our products are sold in over 40 countries around the world;
– We have three working production factories in Balchik, Varna and Veliko Tarnovo;
– Offices and warehouses in Balchik, Varna and Sofia;
– Our stores are in the whole country – Varna, Sofia, Balchik, Pazardzhik, Stara Zagora, Shumen and Graf Ignatievo;
– More than 800 employees work in the company;
– In the last 24 years we have been trying to make life sweeter and we will continue to do it with a lot of love;

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