Our basic

Products Brands

Five are the global brand under which we manufacture our products.

  • Sweet Plus

    „Sweet Plus+“ is the brand under which we sell our sweet products – biscuits, wafers, sponge cakes, chocolates, candies, etc. Created in 2002 after just a few changes in its appearance, in 2006 today’s logo is born. The “Sweet Plus+” brand is sold all over the world today with the warranty of great and consistent quality of the product.

  • SaLza

    Since all things in life are either sweet or salty, we’ve developed a special brand “SaLza” under which we sell all our salty products. You can find salty biscuits, grissini, bread snacks, rusks and many more. Many of these products are without any analogue in the market which makes them quite unique. With natural spices and tastes, Himalayan salt and seeds, there’s no possibility to resist such a temptation.

  • Zido

    „Zido Whole Food” is our baby. The youngest of our brands, responding to the vision and taste preferences of the modern customers. The first products from the „Zido Whole Food” series are born in 2015 and are focused entirely on minimally processed food – wholegrain flours and seeds, fats, sea salt, brown sugar, dried fruit and raw nuts. Series are inspired on the drive for unity between traditionally used for centuries ingredients and modern, well balanced trends in food. Zido – Naturally yours. See more at

  • ot Mazzetto

    It’s a coincidence that in Italian Mazzetto means “bouquet”. But it’s not a coincidence that in our maze of endless fruits, you can find the full specter of tastes, captured for you to enjoy through the whole year. Under this brand we offer quality drinks with pieces natural fruits, as well as fruit syrups. We produce our drinks WHITOUT any colourants, flavourings, preservatives, only in glass bottles that don’t change the taste of the contents. See more at

  • Ympo

    For your beautiful and fresh start of the morning and all throughout the day. Under the brand Ympo can be found various tastes – aromatic combinations of herbs and flowers, which you can never resist. There are many teas and drinks in the market but only ours can give you the magic of the herbs. See more at