Our work

Care for our users

A job well done for us is when we have produced a good and quality product that the customer likes and buys repeatedly. A product, besides having a fascinating taste, should be safe for consumers and of constant quality. To build mutual trust with our customers, over the years, we have set up a system of rigorous internal and external control mechanisms that apply at different stages of product life - from raw materials to end-user products.

  • Raw Materials

    For the products we make with so much love and attention, and you so much appreciate, we always carefully select the raw materials. We pay particular attention to the processes of selection and control. Our specialists are responsible for finding the best combination of taste, nutritional value, quality and safety when creating our products.

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  • Quality Control

    In our long-standing work, we have learned that trust of the consumers is a very difficult prize to win. That is why we have to justify this trust. And this happens when we produce quality products. The quality and safety of the food we make is our constant concern. See how we can keep our products of constant quality.

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  • Certificates

    Why is it important for us to have certain certificates? What does this help our customers?
    Obtaining a certain certificate means that we as manufacturers have met defined requirements and standards in the production processes. This is done after auditing specific periods of specialized certification organizations. By owning these certificates, we show our customers that our production processes are under constant surveillance and control. Different standards cover different requirements in food production.

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  • Responsibility

    In a world in which a rapidly changing situation affects every element of our lives, it is important that each individual and organization take responsibility for the protection of the environment.

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